Dear Customer, thank you for choosing us as your florist. Before you place the order, there are several things you might want to know. We list them here for your, but you are always welcome to call us if your question is not listed below.

1. How long do the fresh cut flowers last?

Well, this is a widely asked question and also a bit complicated question as well. It depends on the variety of the flower, how you take care of them, the temperature of your home and sometimes even the location you put them. Generally to say, fresh cut flowers last 5-10 days in water depending on their varieties. There are some flowers are especially short in vase life, like hydrangea, lilac, dahlia, etc. There are some flowers are very long vase life, like mums, cymbidium orchids, carnations, etc. They can last over 2 weeks under careful maintenance. If the flowers are arranged in floral foam, then their life will be largely shortened. 

2. Why there are some days I cannot choose for delivery?

We set up our customer can only order 2 days before their delivery date. This is because we might not have the flowers in the picture in stock, we need 2 days ahead to prepare the flowers and hardware for you. Although there might still be certain flowers that is not available, but by set up the 2 days ahead criteria, we do our best to make the arrangement as same as possible. Also, we don't deliver on Saturdays and Sundays now. We might be able to open our delivery during the weekends in the future.

3. Can I add a little card with the flowers? How do I leave my message to recipient?

Yes, we provide a little complimentary card with the flowers. When you are in the shopping cart page, right under the product you order there's a box named "Special instructions for the seller". This is where you can leave your note and any specific needs.